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 Project Ironfist: General info

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PostSubject: Project Ironfist: General info   Project Ironfist: General info Icon_minitime2014-12-16, 01:25

We present to you the first massive mod for Heroes of Might and Magic II: Project Ironfist!

The main goal of this modification is to invent a scripting language (Lua) and rearrange the game data format to make it easily moddable.
So that, after 4 years, the project has reached several major achievements, like:

- adding new creatures, spells, artifacts
- editing the existing creatures stats and abilities with ease
- enhancing maps with custom scripts

Also the modification brings a few gameplay tweaks:

- Hit-and-run tactics for heroes is no longer allowed because rehired heroes do not regain their movement points
- A new artifact: Pandora's Box. This artifact creates a random stack of level 1 creatures for the duration of each battle.
- A new spell - Awareness. When cast, Awareness reveals part of the map around the caster, similar to the Redwood Observatory

A lot of other information can be found on our Wiki (language - English).

Feel free to visit our info sources!

Official Website
Official Forums
YouTube Channel

Project Ironfist: General info L18zg1M
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Project Ironfist: General info
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