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» Modding Questions
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby GodRage Yesterday at 12:48

» [H3SW 0.8.1] Face of Doom
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby Blazenforge 2022-07-26, 09:11

» Graveyards in the ocean - SW Bugs found
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby Mefista 2022-07-19, 05:18

» H3SW General Discussion
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby Sir Albe 2022-07-16, 05:10

» fheroes2 General Announcements
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby sirDranik 2022-07-13, 22:57

» Forum Admins Feed
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby GodRage 2022-07-13, 21:02

» H3SW Map List: Work in progress
Advanced Search Icon_minitimeby Sir Albe 2022-07-12, 03:48

Global announcements should be:
Everlasting, 1 for each project.
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Temporary, when there is something new to announce.
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Holalala... No idea where the Ultimate artifact is.
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