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Global announcements should be:
Everlasting, 1 for each project.
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Temporary, when there is something new to announce.
7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Redbar11100%7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Redbar12
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Holalala... No idea where the Ultimate artifact is.
7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Redbar110%7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Redbar12
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 7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017

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7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Empty
PostSubject: 7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017   7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Icon_minitime2017-05-22, 11:15

Succession Wars Wake up, cap'n! We have crashed on an unknown island. And we're not alone! Succession Wars

7 Days Quest by Nieznany (Unknown)

Map based on an original promo screenshots for H2.

7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Bez_tytu_sdu

Small Map
6 players - 6 Human
Standard win - defeat all your enemies
Time lost - fail to win by the end of the first week
Difficulty: Hard
Water: Island
Language: English
Story: No
Type: Puzzle
Spoiler! Minimap:
Download from Behemoth's Lair:
Mirror (dropbox):

My review:

Very interesting idea for the map, but, unfortunately, a bit worse realization. My main objection is a balance, which strongly supports some of the players and degrades the others. In the most of my games green (barbarian) was the biggest killer, trampling his enemies to the ground, while blue (warlock) with no Gargoyles nor Griffins, but with Hydras, was terribly slow and furthermore he was granted with such useful, battle skills (on master level) like Finance, Necromancy, Wisdom, Scouting and Logistics (for a comparision, 2 of 5 of Green player's skills were master Archery and Leadership...). I must also say, that computer often resolves battles between AI without looses for one of the sides. So, even if we will dodge all the fights, at the end we will have to stand face to face with our adversary, who will not only pull against us all his starting armies, but will be also a dozen levels stronger. Well, sometimes it can happen. But why it has to happen almost every time on  level Impossible  Evil or Very Mad

Whichever player we will choose, (maybe except Barbarian) we cannot stand against more than one opponent. And blue cannot defeat even one Razz Hence during the game I was concentrating mainly on avoiding fights, until the last enemy stayed alive and hoping for dumb luck - if enemies will destroy their armies and we will find some eager to join troops - we won. Badly, if e.g. Paladins will join to our adversaries and not to us Razz I was also a bit irritated, that AI was all the time trying to get on a boat and happily sail all around the island. Because of 7 days time limit all I could do was restarting level.

On Impossible level I was able to win only when I chose green...

My final score is 4/10. But hey, somebody spent some of his free time to make this nicely-looking arena. Go and check by yourself, I didn't like it, but maybe you will fell in love with this scenario Surprised

Well, Roland, it seems I've won our little contest.  But don't worry. Not only have I decided to spare your life, but I am appointing you monarch of the Western Tower.  Perhaps I will come and visit your splendid court, when you are not entertaining important rats and spiders.

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7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017   7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017 Icon_minitime2017-05-23, 07:20

I have to agree that the balance is very odd on this map. In addition to secondary skills that you mentioned, the magic heroes do not really have access to spells making their primary skills (power and knowledge) even more useless than they are on traditional maps. The map has dwellings for sprites and genies, the later of which can be accessed at day one by barbarian, but not everyone else.

To improve the balance the dwellings (most importantly genie lamp) have to be gone or be available for anyone who aims them, but not at day one (e.g. on another island). Spells, additional creatures or artifacts are needed for magic heroes. In addition, should the coastal line not be passable full circle? The ways to outmaneuvre opponents is pretty limited too...

There may be specific ways to win with any side, but indeed it is more about luck of joiners and other variables that the player cannot control in any other way than restarting.
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7 Days Quest [Eng] by Nieznany !NEW! 2017
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