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 [H3SW 0.8.2] Another Land War

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[H3SW 0.8.2] Another Land War Empty
PostSubject: [H3SW 0.8.2] Another Land War   [H3SW 0.8.2] Another Land War Icon_minitime2023-09-04, 00:05

Here is my tenth map (Yay! Very Happy)  - Another Land War
[H3SW 0.8.2] Another Land War Surfac11

4 players, All avaible
Description: The story is plain as paper sheet: four lords wanting more power in their hands decided to capture each other's lands. For how long blood of innocents will flow by them?

Just some usual map, where four opponents fight between each other because of greediness for lands. (Oh yea, even though map has water - you can't get boat or specific skills/spells)

Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dv63s9eGMXeFSRWaOf0qRhnCXM0y74RR?usp=sharing
Feel free to tell about your opinion, map's bugs, errors, etc.

Necromancer, who loves making maps in games.

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[H3SW 0.8.2] Another Land War
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