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Global announcements should be:
Everlasting, 1 for each project.
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Temporary, when there is something new to announce.
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 100% [ 6 ]
Holalala... No idea where the Ultimate artifact is.
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 [H3SW v0.8.2] Peasants

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Sir Albe
Sir Albe

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[H3SW v0.8.2] Peasants Empty
PostSubject: [H3SW v0.8.2] Peasants   [H3SW v0.8.2] Peasants Icon_minitime2023-05-02, 02:34

Dear Enrothians,

In occasion of International Worker's Day, we proudly present the conversion of the HoMM II map Peasants, because we all know that the hardest working units in Enroth are the poor Peasants Very Happy

There seemed to be a mistake made in the H2 version of this map as the Yellow player was computer-only, despite having a similar setup as the other three players and having exclusive texted events only applying to itself. This mistake has been fixed in the H3SW version, so that you can now pick freely between all the four player colors.

Download Here

Help peasant farmers regain their castle and land, else they'll take your crops.
Number of players:  4 players (4 human)
Map size:  Medium map
Map difficulty: Normal
Victory condition:Castle win
Loss condition: Standard lost

Screenshot of the map:

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[H3SW v0.8.2] Peasants
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