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 [Feature requests] Captain enhancement

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Unknown Hero

PostSubject: [Feature requests] Captain enhancement   2015-07-21, 10:46

Captain can gain experience (should be a game option).

Each time the Captain wins a combat, he gains experience.

How it works.

It can be too difficult to make the Captain has secondary skills, and some of them are useless for the Captain (Ballistics, Diplomacy, Logistics, Mysticism, Navigation, Pathfinding, Scoutism, and new skills to come).

Instead, he can gain primary skills (Attack, Defense, Spell Power, Knowledge).

The Primary Skill Advancement is the same as for heroes types, so each time he win a combat he gains a Primary Skill point depending of his town type (Captain in Castle town, Captain in Wizard town, etc.).


Also to help the Captain (and Heroes) to defend the Town/Castle, some buildings gives him bonuses.

Each base creature dwellings, from level 1 to level 6, gives 1 point to Attack skill for defending Captain/Hero (temporary for the visiting hero defending the Town/Castle, permanently for the Captain as he cannot move outside the Town/Castle).

Ex: In a Wizard castle with Habitat (level 1), Pen (level 2), Foundry (level 3) already built, the defending Captain/Hero gains +3 in Attack during siege (temporary for the visiting hero).

The Left Turret, the Right Turret and the Moat buildings each gives 2 points to Defense skill for defending Captain/Hero (temporary for the visiting hero).

Each level of the Mage Guild gives 1 point to Spell Power and Knowledge for defending Captain/Hero (temporary for the visiting hero).

So, per example, a castle with 3 base creature dwellings, the Left Turret, the Moat and a Mage Guild level 3, gives +3 to Attack skill, + 4 to Defense skill, +3 to Spell Power, and +3 to Knowledge for the defending Captain/Hero (temporary for the visiting hero).

Note: The magic points given by temporary Knowledge are automatically assigned at the beginning of the combat, even if the hero does not spend the night in the castle (to get the extra magic points), and removed at the end of the turn if he has some points left (for the visiting hero).


The captain can also casts spells depending his Spell Power skill.

If the Captain has at least 6 in Spell Power, he can cast level 3 spells (if the Mage Guild is built and contains combat spells).

If the Captain has at least 8 in Spell Power, he can cast level 4 spells.

If the Captain has at least 10 in Spell Power, he can cast level 5 spells.


How about the possibility to make the Captain can equip artifacts?
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PostSubject: Re: [Feature requests] Captain enhancement   2015-07-21, 10:46

Well, improving the Captains is a nice idea. Yet, I don't see a reason why they would have a bonus against regular heroes, except the said experience gain. It might be tricky to arrange everything harmonically with the original game.
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Unknown Hero

PostSubject: Re: [Feature requests] Captain enhancement   2015-07-21, 10:46

The purpose is to help the AI to defend its castles. Frequently, the AI has strong troops to defend its castles, but only the Captain, or a low level hero recruted in a hurry, to lead them. So it's easier to annihilate them, and with fewer loses.

A Captain will fight at most 10 fights during a game, 5 fights is already much, so it would be difficult to gain a lot of experience for a Captain, thus help is needed by the buildings bonuses.

By giving some bonuses to the defender during siege, it would be more difficult, more entertaining, and also add more strategy planning to capture an enemy castle.

Also adding bonuses depending on the buildings already built reflects the value of the castle, the more high is the value of the castle, the more the castle is defended.
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PostSubject: Re: [Feature requests] Captain enhancement   

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[Feature requests] Captain enhancement
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