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 A few questions

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PostSubject: A few questions    A few questions  Icon_minitime2020-03-22, 02:58

Hey guys, how are you doing, any news from the development team? I had a few things that I wanted to ask:

1. On the following page of the HoMM wiki:
I see there is a mention of a Heretic faction, which I assume is your take on the Inferno? Was this faction abandoned or is it planned for a future update? Were there some other "new" factions planned apart from this one? Also, do you guys have a discord on which users can communicate with the devs?

2. I see that your team was already cooperating with HotA team, so I wonder how good are the chances that some of the quality of life improvements implemented in HotA (buy all creatures button, alt/shift/ctrl functions for rearranging your army, choice to learn or not learn a skill from scholar/witch hut etc.) and some of the things they did on their own (map objects etc.) will be implemented in your mod as well?

3. Last but not the least, do you guys need any help with the mod development? I would love to donate to your effort if you were to set up a patreon or something like that or contribute in some other way to the mod development so it would reach version 1.0 sooner or have a bit more frequent updates - I've grown quite fond of the mod and I must say that it has that certain something that really sets it apart from others and that is worthy of support in my eyes - it's better than HotA ngl! All the best and I hope the mod is still hot in development! : )
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A few questions
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