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 Useful Links

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PostSubject: Useful Links   Useful Links Icon_minitime2014-12-18, 04:12

Here are the links which can be pretty useful for all Heroes 1-2 modders in their modding endeavours.

Sprites from Might&Magic games:

Decompiled HEROES2W.EXE (thanks to feanor)

Useful sites:
http://www.moddb.com/ (a nice resource with mods)
http://games.playazlounge.net/ (various tools for Might and Magic 4-5)

HoMM2 Modders Links:
https://sites.google.com/site/sergroj/heroes (GrayFace)
http://www.ironfi.st/wordpress (Darmani)
https://www.facebook.com/andrew.vodyankin (Orzie)
http://heroescommunity.com/member.php3?action=viewprofile&UserName=AlexSpl (AlexSpl)

(Maybe some not so) Active HoMM communities supporting Heroes 1-2-3 modders:
http://heroescommunity.com (English)
http://www.acidcave.net (Polish)
http://wforum.heroes35.net/index.php (Russian/English)
http://forum.df2.ru (Russian/English)
http://heroes3wog.net (Slovak)
http://www.celestialheavens.com (English)
http://handbookhmm.ru (Russian) or http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fhandbookhmm.ru%2F (Google Translated to English)
http://hommm.hu/ (Hungarian)
http://imperium.heroes.net.pl (Polish)
http://wakeofgods.com/forum.php (Chinese)

Useful Links L18zg1M

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PostSubject: Re: Useful Links   Useful Links Icon_minitime2015-07-10, 06:50

Decompiled exe of Heroes 2, debug info included.

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Useful Links
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