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 Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod

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PostSubject: Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod    2018-01-02, 07:41


I use homm2 GOG version in dosbox.  (SP or MP on one pc.. no network play)
The main reason is the built-in graphic upscaler, which can create (up-converting) sharp and  relatively 'good quality' picture for 1080p or 2k monitors.  Original 640x480 is too blurry ..

I would like to modify some creature 'value' for balanced gameplay, so
I tried to use the excellent UBP tool, but as I see, it just works with HEROES2W.EXE. Sad (windows executable)

Q: Is there any -easy- way to edit HEROES2.EXE values? (dos executable)

Plz help. Thx in advance.
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod    2018-01-02, 08:22

Hello! Unfortunately I don't seem to remember any user-friendly tool for editing the DOS executable. Yet, you can register on Handbookhmm.ru and leave a reply in this topic, in case AlexSpl could write a special release of UBP for the DOS version of the game.

Also, see Modding Questions, top post by GodRage.

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PostSubject: Re: Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod    2018-01-02, 09:03

Many thanks for fast feedback & suggestions!
I will write to him soon. Then we'll see
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PostSubject: Re: Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod    2018-01-03, 19:55

Hello mantra Smile
Sadly you must edit it by hand, with an hexadecimal Editor. Smile
But, it's quite easy once you open the Heroes2w.exe into your hex-editor. Wink
And share with us your final work !! Smile

~Lands of Enroth~
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PostSubject: Re: Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod    2018-01-11, 17:56

A few months ago I had dug into the GoG .EXE and compiled all my findings into an Excel spreadsheet.  I just updated the sheet , link can be found in the Modding Questions thread mentioned by Orzie.

I have listed all relevant offsets  for the GoG edition.  The data bytes should be super easy to find and modify with a hex editor.
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PostSubject: Re: Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod    

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Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod
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