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 DOS Project Ironfist version.

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PostSubject: DOS Project Ironfist version.   2016-06-21, 10:00

I thought about mobile Proj Ironfist version. Easiest way is codding Ironfist for dos exe. We have good dosbox emulator and It will be playable on tablets. Price of Loyalty was orginally codded for dos. Actually P Iron is for pc only? Is it a big work?
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: DOS Project Ironfist version.   2016-06-22, 12:08

Hi Baronus!

Sadly, yes. HoMM II has two separate builds for DOS and Windows. Our code is based off the Windows one. We essentially include an automatically-modified version of the assembly code for that one.

It probably would be possible to do it for the DOS version, but you'd have to rewrite a fair bit of the magic that gets our code working with the original.
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Messages : 51
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Registration Date : 2016-06-12

PostSubject: Re: DOS Project Ironfist version.   2016-06-22, 19:26

It colud be interesting option build it on mobile. So if you want... Im not a programmist so I cant do it. I can only give idea and I can told that now we have good dos emulators and orginal game is good playable.
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PostSubject: Re: DOS Project Ironfist version.   

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DOS Project Ironfist version.
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