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 [Heroes 2 Bugs] Wand of Negation adjusting

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Unknown Hero

PostSubject: [Heroes 2 Bugs] Wand of Negation adjusting   2015-07-21, 06:32

Bug: Wand of Negation prevents own hero to cast Dispel Magic spells.


Load "a0799 wand of negation dispel 02.GM1"

Aragorn possesses the Wand of Negation artifact (protects your troops from the Dispel Magic spells).

Aragorn attacks the castle Lothlorien.

Champions move A5-6.

Captain cast Blind on Crusaders.

Aragorn cannot cast Dispel Magic on Crusaders, "That spell will affect no one!".

Should not happen with own hero, only if it's the enemy hero who try to cast one of Dispel Magic spells, else the artifact is more restrictive than beneficial.

--> Wand of Negation: protects your troops from enemy Dispel Magic spells.
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[Heroes 2 Bugs] Wand of Negation adjusting
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