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 Heroes 2 AI

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PostSubject: Heroes 2 AI   Heroes 2 AI Icon_minitime2020-08-27, 08:13

Hello all.
I play Heroes almost every year since 1997, but it's easy to win (me VS computer). There are few maps where computer it strong and game is still intresting.
So, considering current opportunities in 2020, is it possible to learn computer play like a human? I mean use Deep learning for teach the network.

For now AI can fight human in Chess, GO, Dota etc.

What are you thinking about it?

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes 2 AI   Heroes 2 AI Icon_minitime2020-08-27, 20:52

Hello denim, Welcome to our forums! Heroes 2 AI 2551314513

For chess and Go, rules are simples, and play-possibilities are quite limited. In HoMM there is a lot of spells, map adventure being different on each map, monsters, Heroes strengh and skills... There is a lot in comparaison !
DOTA is mainly "buy power, then move in team, push skills in a preset order", I feel like it's less complicated, and because DOTA is real time, the bot will have a real advantage. Heroes 2 AI 3584857407

So, I think it would need a lot of time to program an IA that is better than Humans. Heroes 2 AI 589285140

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes 2 AI   Heroes 2 AI Icon_minitime2020-08-27, 21:06

Hi @denim,

I'm not too familiar with the Deep learning subject, but AI doesn't have to be unbeatable for the game to be interesting.
The AI ​​just needs to be strong enough to keep the game interesting to the player, but above all the game must remain fun to play. Smile

I think the players wouldn't play the game anymore, if they knew in advance that they would lose no matter what.

It's like Chess.
AI in Chess can be very efficient and therefore for a large part of the players it becomes very difficult to beat AI, and playing becomes much less interesting because the possibility of winning is almost zero.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes 2 AI   Heroes 2 AI Icon_minitime

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Heroes 2 AI
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