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 [H3SW v0.8.0] Magic books can be traded

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PostSubject: [H3SW v0.8.0] Magic books can be traded   2019-01-10, 02:58

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PostSubject: Re: [H3SW v0.8.0] Magic books can be traded   2019-01-10, 03:00

What's even more funny is that a hero receiving the Book actually can learn and cast spells. Smile

I don't know if we fix that for v0.8.1, so it stays in the mod for a while.

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PostSubject: Re: [H3SW v0.8.0] Magic books can be traded   2019-01-10, 06:26

I discovered this, but I thought about you guys made it to be intended and also was handy in a scenario where my mage could lend her magic to a knight with minor magic properties to support his army in a battle, then I traded the book back to it's owner Sorceress.

On the second thought, neither in H2 nor in H3 the books cannot be traded. All heroes can access to spell books normally by buying the book inside Mage Guild. What I still really want is that to peek inside the mage guild's selection of magic spells before buying a book.

Later on, I discovered I can multiply the books in my backpack which is not intended. I place it into backpack while trading, then go to the hero menu and there's another book in the book slot while having another in the backpack.
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PostSubject: Re: [H3SW v0.8.0] Magic books can be traded   

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[H3SW v0.8.0] Magic books can be traded
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