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 Genies halving ability

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Location : Hungary

PostSubject: Genies halving ability   2019-01-06, 01:07

Is there any chance to bring back genies halving ability? Or is it removed straightly because of balance issues?
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Sir Albe
Sir Albe

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PostSubject: Re: Genies halving ability   2019-01-06, 02:01

kyussfia wrote:
Is there any chance to bring back genies halving ability? Or is it removed straightly because of balance issues?

It is removed, because it is a very (very!!Smile strong ability for a creature that can be recruited in a town Smile

Aging reminds a bit of halving by halving the health of the target for 3 turns.
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Genies halving ability   2019-01-06, 04:11

Yes, it was a feanor's nice idea indeed. We'll need to design nice graphics for that, too.

Actually, I slightly recall reading some Eastern tales where a Genie actually made someone old (cursed him), so I supported the idea with both hands. Just because Genies don't become slaves of people who make them free in 100% of cases. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Genies halving ability   

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Genies halving ability
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