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 Patyrun's Introduction

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PostSubject: Patyrun's Introduction   2018-03-10, 12:24

When did you played Heroes of Might and Magic for the first time?

Back when they originally came out. I actually started playing *King's Bounty*

What HoMM you discovered first?

HoMM I, then HoMM II, HoMM III and HoMM IV. Never played the later ones.

What HoMM community you frequently visit?

None really. Actually had shoulder surgery for Frozen Should Friday, March 2nd, and as I am recovering I discovered a DoxBox version of HOMM II and downloaded it and have just gotten back into it after not playing it in years.

Have you ever made maps for HoMM?

Back in the day I made a lot of maps with the Map Editor.

What others old games do you play?

Actually, I got away from computer games for a long time. When my old dos games would not work on Windows, I basically quit playing, but back in the day I off the top of my head...I played a lot of Sid Meier's Civilization II, Warcaft II, Warlords Battlecry, Medieval: Total War, Master of Orion, several of the Ultima games, Might and Might Clouds and Darkside of Xeen and like I mentioned above, King's Bounty. Also played the orginal EverQuest for a couple of year when it came out, but lost interest after awhile and got busy raising my son, doing sports and camping and such.

What do you hope to see / to do on this forum?

Well, my first and greatest hope is to be able to find what version of Heroes II that has a functioning Map Editor so I can make my own maps. I am willing to buy whichever version that works, because the free dosbox version I downloaded has the Map Editor, but it isn't configured to work with dosbox and I just learned there was a dosbox, so I am clueless about how to get it running.

Also I am looking forward to seeing other people's maps and finding out about the mods for HoMM II.

What languages do you speak?

I am only fluent in English.

What is your favourites in HoMM II (what Town, Creature, Spell, Artifact, Hero)

Well, I like the Wizard and Warlock towns best, maybe the Wizard town the most, but it varies. The Sorceress and the Barbarian I like their low and mid level creature (except I am not very fond of the Unicorn), because I dislike the Cyclops and the Phoenix, as neither impresses me as the top tier creatures. The Knight and the Necromancer towns I like the least, mainly because the undead are so bloody slow and knights are not much faster. The Death Dragon is in the same class as the Cyclops and the Phoenix, with the Paladin sightly better, but siill in a solid and distant third place behind the Titan and the Black Dragon.

Best town...Probably Wizard.
Best creature...its a toss up, but Probably Black Dragon over Titan.
Best Spell...Town Portal or Dimension Door for travel, Armageddon (with Black Dragons) or Chain Lightning (with Titans) for battle.
Best Artifact...Battle Garb of Anduran
Best Hero...If best hero class, I prefer Wizards as a class, My favorite individual Hero...in HoMM II would probably be Roland.

In HoMM III I have 4 favorites as they put out a call for character names, and I contributed a list of names and they used four of my character names:

What else should we ask you?

Hmmm how about: Do you have any experience Modding?

A wee bit, I did a bit of modding in Medieval Total War I and II, and made a custom campaign of my own, but never in HoMM. Although, if someone is willing to teach a newbie, we might change that...

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I am looking forward to learning and finding out more about this forum and anything to do with HoMM II, as that is my favorite version.
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Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Patyrun's Introduction   2018-03-11, 00:14

Hello and welcome to Forums of Enroth, Patyrsun! Please feel yourself at home.

We actually have an Introduce Yourself topic here on the forum. Perhaps it will be right to transfer the post there, if you don't have any specific reasons for posting the thread separately.

Actually, you can start asking questions if you want. Concerning the HoMM version with a working Map Editor (there are plenty of them, although I might not know some special moments about your computer/OS), you can freely search at homm2.com and try the presented versions. The first two are the most probable solution.

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Patyrun's Introduction
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