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 [Feature Request] Creature upgrade: Master Mage

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Registration Date : 2018-02-27

PostSubject: [Feature Request] Creature upgrade: Master Mage   2018-03-02, 11:47

Basically a new creature that is a second upgrade of the Mage (just like Black Dragons).

The stats here are kind of overpowered (cost is big as well), but that can of course be adjusted.
<creature id="84" name-singular="master mage" name-plural="master magi" icn="mage3.icn" frm="mage1frm.bin" projectile="" cost="1250" fight-value="5000" fight-value-aux="45" growth="2" hp="150" faction="4" speed="7" attack="15" defense="9" shots="32" short-name="mage">
        <damage minimum="19" maximum="21"/>
        <creature-attribute name="shoots"/>
        <secondary-cost resource="gems" cost="3"/>
        <random-spawn minimum="5" maximum="12"/>
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: [Feature Request] Creature upgrade: Master Mage   2018-03-31, 16:40

Nice! Do you have this running in game? Good job if so.
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[Feature Request] Creature upgrade: Master Mage
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