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 HoMM I: Vine of Enroth by Huntka

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PostSubject: HoMM I: Vine of Enroth by Huntka   2017-11-23, 04:46

Vine of Enroth by Huntka

4 players  - 1 Human, 3 Computers
Size: Big
Difficulty: Hard
Water: Negligible
Language: English

It's a bit less known, not really laudable and almost forgotten, episodic even story about assault of known heroes on Sunlit Valley and Lord's Ironfist vineyard, which was located there. This event took place shortly before a War for Domination. A recipe for a magic wine, sipped by the Knights before fight, for years was giving to Alamar the Warlock many sleepless nights. So, he sent his adept Sandro to examine the matter. Queen Lamanda was spying Alamar and she couldn't be worse, so her agent Luna came with a little troop in a vineyard area. After a while, a young scout Ergon came after them, looking for a new brands of tipples for his father Lord Slayer. Hearing about enemies coming closer to his property, having designs for a cheap wine, Lord Ironfist named local bard, Lord Haart, as a commander of defense of Sunlit Valley. Chase enemies up, before they will get at to the stocks of knight's wine!

Spoiler! Minimap:

Download from Behemoth's Lair:
Mirror (Google Disk):

Review coming soon!

Well, Roland, it seems I've won our little contest.  But don't worry. Not only have I decided to spare your life, but I am appointing you monarch of the Western Tower.  Perhaps I will come and visit your splendid court, when you are not entertaining important rats and spiders.
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HoMM I: Vine of Enroth by Huntka
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