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 [1.3] Game not launching

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PostSubject: [1.3] Game not launching   2017-08-30, 06:04

Installed ironfist 1.3 over a clean GoG Heroes2...
Launching ironfist.exe
Taking 70% of CPU usage for minutes... after that I kill the process because I don't like when nothing is on the screen but make the computer busy. Laughing

I have installed 1.3 over a french original version (PoL 2.0 ... we don't have the 2.1 french patch, it has been lost... ),
Launching ironfist:
Main menu: ok, music ok.
Taking only 20~25% of CPU usage, seems correct. Smile
Starting game: ok.
Pushing End Turn: screen freeze, music is ok.
Turn 2 starts!!! ohhh.
Pushing End Turn: screen freeze, music is ok... Until music also freeze.

Trying another map...
End Turns okay. Harpies are not visible on the map, they joined my army; Hero screen: the background is in right place but harpy is on in it. Very Happy
Another invisible monster, I try to attack, and message error:
Quote :
ResMgr::PointToFile failure!
But mahhh it's maybe "normal" with a french PoL 2.0. Wink

So, it works more with french 2.0 PoL than GoG 2.1 for me.
I have french Windows 10, 64bits.

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[1.3] Game not launching
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