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 HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board

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PostSubject: HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board   2017-08-02, 06:41

Hey guys. Sorry if I repeat an older thread (in that case, just point me to the existing one and delete this). I was wondering if there is a thread about appointing multiplayer 1v1 and 2v2 matches (casual, not tournament). And do you feel a need for such a thread. I am  personally having problems when I try to organize the few friends who play h2 into a nice 2v2 night. And since most of the h2 players are grown adults with children and a lot of other things going on, such a night have to be previously arranged in time. And I'm always seeking new people to play with.
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PostSubject: Re: HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board   2017-08-03, 08:26

If you are playing by IP, a chatroom is what you need. Especially with 4 players!
But 4 players' games are really long, maybe 10 hours on a small map with people playing under 2 minutes...
But there is no such thread here so you can manage that in our forums! Smile
If there is enough activity here about online multiplayer, sure we will open a dedicated subforum for that!
Right arrow shadow the part "Tournament Arena" would become "Arena" and then adding subforum "Online PvP" or "Online Multiplaying" or something else (a better name?)...
Right arrow enough activity means almost daily activity, in my mind.

First step is to agree with the version of the game used... I guess Price of Loyalty 2.1 is a good option, but PoL 2.1 can be found only in English and Russian, others players will have to play without their native language... (until ironfist is mature enough to provide multi-language support! it's my secret hope )

~Lands of Enroth~
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Location : sofia

PostSubject: Re: HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board   2017-08-03, 20:39

Thanks for clearing that up.

I guess I might use chatroom if I have already arranged a match. My problem is the arrangement itself.

As you said a 2v2 player game might stretch up to 10 hours (I've played shorter, though. Gladly, h2 is played faster than h3), so it's a decision that you make ahead in time. There's always the option to just enter some hub like GameRanger and wait for someone to enter your hosted game, but I think there might be a neater solution especially when you know who you will play with.

I'm new to the forums so I don't know how many of the people here like to play multiplayer h2 online. If there is any need in the community for a place where one can post something like "2v2, M, random, on a thursday night, need two players", I'd gladly watch over the thread/subforum. But yeah, there must be some activity. Otherwise it's pointless. So if no one gives a damn, I'll quietly shut up about it Smile

Regarding the version of h2, we can discuss which is the most common one that have the least problems when playing online. I personally am using the GOG version of Heroes 2: Gold (win version) - https://www.gog.com/game/heroes_of_might_and_magic_2_gold_edition -  which is working perfectly with GameRanger. Before its release in GOG all I could see in the internet was people complaining that they can't play h2 online.
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Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board   2017-08-04, 01:35

A separate sticky topic in General Heroes 2 section for contacts on GameRanger or other clients allowing to play PvP would be more than enough. See how it's done for Lords of Magic: http://impz.proboards.com/thread/1657/gameranger-accounts.

It's obvious that it's much more convenient to wait for a game in a live chat rather than a forum.

Later on, if there would be a bigger demand, a subforum could be created.

The information left by users could be client (GameRanger, Hamachi, Tunngle, Kali, you name it) account id/number, preferred time of day (UTC), etc. Good thing about GameRanger is that it supports both a lobby and a chat for people to contact.

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PostSubject: Re: HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board   

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HMM2 Multiplayer Announcement Board
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