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 [Heroes 2 Bugs] Morale info not updated on troops

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PostSubject: [Heroes 2 Bugs] Morale info not updated on troops   2017-07-25, 20:05

A bug known for a long time that it is time to reveal. Smile

Load: "a 0738 bug morale not correct on troops 01.GM1"

Natasha attacks Barok.

Right click on Natasha. "Morale: Poor" is displayed. It's the correct info as Natasha has normal morale and the enemy Bone Dragon gives -1 to morale.

Right click on any troop of Natasha. The morale info is not updated on the troop, "Morale: Normal" is displayed.


Load: "a 0934 morale not updated 50.GM1"

Move Sandro to the Fort to attack the troop of Master Swordsmen.

Right click on a Master Swordsman group. "Morale: Normal" is displayed. It should be "Morale: Poor" due to the Bone Dragon morale penalty to enemy troops.
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: [Heroes 2 Bugs] Morale info not updated on troops   2017-07-27, 03:19

This sounds very straightforward and easy to reproduce. Will make a good task for one of our newer programmers.
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[Heroes 2 Bugs] Morale info not updated on troops
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