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 [Ironfist ver 1.3.0] Bugs with info of spells

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PostSubject: [Ironfist ver 1.3.0] Bugs with info of spells   2017-07-16, 12:39

Load: "a 131 0 9998 9996 before mystery hero 01.GX1"

Maximus attacks Mystery hero.

Cavalry moves B1-2.
Ranger shoots Earth Elemental.
Ranger gets high morale and shoots Earth Elemental.
Swordman moves A2.

Mystery hero casts Bless on Earth Elemental, the color of the marker (number of Earth Elemental) seems updated and the Earth Elemental moves.

Then bug.

The sprite of the spell is not displayed in the creature info window (right click on the Earth Elemental) and the color of the marker is not updated.

Maximus casts Curse on the Earth Elemental, the sprite of the spell is not displayed and the color of the marker is not updated.

Note: Still, the Earth Elemental never splits.
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[Ironfist ver 1.3.0] Bugs with info of spells
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