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 [Ironfist ver 1.3.0] Bugs with Behemoth Path map and suggestions

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PostSubject: [Ironfist ver 1.3.0] Bugs with Behemoth Path map and suggestions   2017-07-14, 22:38

Load: "a 0 9999 9999 no sprite for rogues in info window after combat 01.GX1"

In the scenario Info window, the name of the artifact to find is missing for the Victory Conditions: "Find the ."
The same at the end of the scenario after you find the artifact: "You have found the . Your quest is complete."

Move Dimitri to the Medal of Honor, the rogues attack.
After you win the combat, in the victory window for the Battlefield Casualties, the sprites of the Rogues are not displayed, only the numbers.
And, in this window, only the half bottom part of the "OKAY" button is active, if you click on the half top part of the "OKAY" button, nothing happens.
After leaving the victory window, try to save the game. The field for the save name is full of dots, and if you click on the field to enter a save name, it crashes the program.


Launch the Behemoth Path scenario, and start a combat.
Skip so that the Behemoth is not selected (no yellow line all around the Behemoth).
Look at the Behemoth shadow, there is an area of a pixel wide all around the Behemoth sprite that "cut" the shadow of the Behemoth sprite (the shadow is missing near the Behemoth sprite).

Also, this time when the Behemoth is selected, there are still "waiting animations" that are played where there is no yellow line around the Behemoth sprite, unlike other creatures.


Because of the way the Behemoth performs his attack, a "jump" on the opponent, when he attacks a creature in a row below his position, the sprite of the Behemoth is displayed under the sprite of the attacked creature, it is not very pretty visually and it is a bit confusing.


I suggest changing the damage for the Behemoth, minimum attack 30 and maximum attack 40, so that the Bless and Curse spells can be used effectively. Smile


And there is no description for the scenario... Razz
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[Ironfist ver 1.3.0] Bugs with Behemoth Path map and suggestions
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