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 [Bugs] List of issues found in the Early Beta (from Sep 17th, 2013)

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Location : Cracow

PostSubject: [Bugs] List of issues found in the Early Beta (from Sep 17th, 2013)   2017-07-06, 18:23

Hi, since I did not found a thread for Bug reports, I will just list them here, if you need some more details on each, let me know. I realize most are just content issues and can be easily fixed by connecting with appropriate resources.
I could help with some bug fixing If someone would give me some hints how to do it. I have 3 years of experience as a developer in Visual Studio (C#) and also did some work in Eclipse (Java).
I am professional QA so I will try to help as much as I can Smile

Ibn Fad (Gypsy) hero casts Fortune spell instead of Bloodlust (occurs randomly, about 50% of time).

Bug_2: (must confirm if on one map only or every map)
Archer Tower building is not accessible

Bug_3: (rather on every map)
Halfling Hole - access entry is not on the correct spot (moved to the right not on the "hole"

Bug_4: Content Issue
Demon (4lvl creatire Inferno) is named Kobold

Bug_5: Content Issue
Archer (lvl2) is named Crossbowman, also it's dweling

Bug_6: Content Issue
Cities descriptions suggest its giving 1500, 3000 gold - but it same as in H3 2000, 4000.

Bug_7: Content Issue
The Nomad (lvl 3 Gypsy) on Hero meeting screen or Hero screen the picture shows upgraded creature while its the regular one

Bug_8: Content Issue
Heroes descriptions and Specializations are not correct in most cases. I could prepare more thorough report but no point in testing it on old mod version...

Bug_9: Medium Severity!
After Casting slow spell (tested on Cavaliers, Knight lvl 6 troop), the Spell was for 2 rounds (because of 2sp of hero) but on third turn the Creature still had the speed reduced but the spell effect was not listed, just Speed was made "regular")

Bug_10: High Severity!
Occassional Crashes, for example when Sorcerress casted spell during town Siege (computer controlled hero)

Bug_11: High Severity!
Restarting map will add to starting hero OwlBear creature instead 3rd level with 0 units, but still visible during fight. (Occured with necro heroes)
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Sir Albe
Sir Albe

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Age : 23
Location : Aalborg, Denmark

PostSubject: Re: [Bugs] List of issues found in the Early Beta (from Sep 17th, 2013)   2017-07-08, 04:24

Hallo qlczas. Nice to hear from you. I am afraid your bug report isn't of much use since the current in-development version of H3SW has fixed many of these bugs and runs on much altered scripts and programming features, however when our much awaited v0.8 beta of H3SW is released we would really appreciate your feedback, so please stick around and thanks for being helpful Smile Also nice guide on playing H3SW on the phone! I didn't know it was possible, so thanks for telling us Smile
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[Bugs] List of issues found in the Early Beta (from Sep 17th, 2013)
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