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 Mod running on Exagear Strategies app on Android

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PostSubject: Mod running on Exagear Strategies app on Android   2017-07-06, 18:05

I wanted to show that the old version of mod (which is only that I have access to) is playable on Android devices.

Probably most of you doesn't know that there is an app called Exagear Strategies which is simply a Wine emulator and additional controls (app is free, the controls are not... for Heroes 3 the controls we have to buy are called "Helium").
But there is free period of using it so everyone can try - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eltechs.es&hl=pl
The app also allows us to play other games like Disciples 1 & 2 and there is one for Strategy games too (which can even run Diablo 2 or Fallout 1-3).
More on controls can be found here - https://eltechs.com/product/exagear-mobile/exagear-strategies/ afair Helium cots around 3-5$ so its quite cheap.

I've tested it on my personal LG K8 phone.
Previously I played the "clean" Heroes 3 which is available on gog.com
I have also played Horn of the Abyss with it and lately ERA 2 with WOG and finally Succession Wars.

I have found some bugs and will report them in separate thread, here I can say that game is playable and beside small screen its just great. For me to have Heroes on phone and be able to play it anytime, anywhere... is Priceless!

Ok so for some screenshots:


And very poor video - sorry the focus was not good but you can see that speed and taping is just great - no slow downs etc.

I want to mention that using touch screen for Heroes is marvelous, also the taping and long tap for right mouse button is quite comfortable.

You Can check it here: https://youtu.be/fmeDCaj3-fw

If you have any questions and want help in installing everything on your mobiles, let me know. Cheers!
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PostSubject: Re: Mod running on Exagear Strategies app on Android   2017-07-13, 02:28

Thank you very much for your input. Truth is, we don't really need bug reports from the older 2013 beta since we've overhauled most of the code. However, what may be of interest is the comparison of bugs from PC and Android games. We are not going to do anything with it because the game script is now different, but testing WoG/Era on the phone is always informative - at least we will know what to expect.

When the new beta will be compiled for testing, testing on the phone will also be very valuable (just like we discussed via email) - I'm afraid we won't be able to do much with Android game bugs for a good while, but at least we will be aware of them ourselves and will be able to warn users as well.

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Mod running on Exagear Strategies app on Android
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