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Graion Dilach

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PostSubject: Commanders?   2017-06-05, 10:16

I am basically asking if they are still planned to return. True, I made that question years ago over ModDB (looked it up, was in Oct 2014), but a lot of things changed since. Don't treat this as a demand, but merely a request of information (if they are planned to return in, say, version 55.0, already enough for me).

Main reason I am asking because I have seen that one rejected thgergo Acolyte proposal which seemed quite fitting to be reused as such incase that's still planned., due to the design being such a drastic aversion of the M&M inspiration.
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Commanders?   2017-06-06, 02:25

Using various WoG scripts is a feature which shouldn't be abandoned in future, but currently we orient on standard gameplay.
Later I'd still like to see major scripts as downloadable official minimods which are used via Era Mod Manager and don't go with official installer (or they do, but they should be for example chosen manually from the available list so the casual users will have less chances to pick undesired options occasionally). This is due to the reason that many WoG scripts are pretty raw and cause unpredictable bugs.

Graphic-wise, the Commanders currently have two possible options.

One is the unique creature design which is used for a some kind of "supreme creature". For example, the Knight actually could have something like an Angel (yes, although I highly oppose such contemporary-religious concepts for Heroes 2). I even had a draft of it based on gk1981's development inspired by a Bracadian Angel:

The second design solution looks more nice to me for a variety of reasons. It utilises previously unused Heroes 2 Captain concepts:

Gameplay-wise, we must admit that WoG Commanders is a pretty unbalanced thing and if added, the whole Commander concept must be considerably reworked.

In case someone cares for my music:
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PostSubject: Re: Commanders?   2017-06-08, 23:54

Just wanted to say that I share your concerns with WoG commanders, I think they are quite unbalanced. I would not be opposed to them but their role would have to be a lot less than in WoG. Also I really believe your idea of using the Heroes 2 captains is perfect, but I bet it will be hard since I don't think they have many sprites to work with.

Also when you say previously unused does that mean that H3SW mod will not have the captain building in towns? What about ballistas/ammo carts/first aid tents?
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PostSubject: Re: Commanders?   2017-06-09, 00:29

Welcome to the forum Taiyoumaru!

Taiyoumaru wrote:
Also when you say previously unused does that mean that H3SW mod will not have the captain building in towns? What about ballistas/ammo carts/first aid tents?
These buildings are being used as a temporary dwellings (for ex. crossbowman). Dont know about other towns, but they're not being reworked for v0.8.
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