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 [Script System][Suggestions] HasHeroSpell(hero, spell) and more

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PostSubject: [Script System][Suggestions] HasHeroSpell(hero, spell) and more   2017-03-26, 09:13

HasHeroSpell(hero, spell)

Returns "true" if the specified hero has the specified spell, returns "false" otherwise.



Returns the hero's viewing radius as a number.


SetHeroRangeOfView(hero, radius)

Sets the hero's viewing radius.


AddHeroRangeOfView(hero, quantity, duration)

Adds the specified quantity to the hero's viewing radius for the specified duration.


RemoveHeroRangeOfView(hero, quantity, duration)

Removes the specified quantity from the hero's viewing radius for the specified duration.



Returns the hiring cost of the specified hero.


SetHeroForHireCost(hero, cost)

Sets the hiring cost of the specified hero.


SetHeroOwner(hero, player)

Sets the specified player as owner of the specified hero.
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[Script System][Suggestions] HasHeroSpell(hero, spell) and more
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