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 [Script System][Suggestions] SelectionBox(msg, list)

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PostSubject: [Script System][Suggestions] SelectionBox(msg, list)   2017-03-18, 04:25

SelectionBox(msg, list)

Displays a message box with a selection list (like the one of the Town Portal spell) and with "OK" and "CANCEL" buttons.

Example of use:

h = GetCurrentHero();
rewardDeclined = 0;
MessageBox("After a brilliant performance, the Guardian comes to you and offers you a well deserved reward.");
msg = "Choose your reward!";
list = {"Traveler's Boots of Mobility", "Army of 50 Master Swordmen", "20 units of Crystal", "25000 Gold"};
choice = SelectionBox(msg, list);
if choice == 0 then -- the player has chosen to click on the "CANCEL" button.
  MessageBox("Too bad you refuse the reward, I'm disappointed. But maybe I do not know everything and it will bring you luck later?");
  rewardDeclined = 1;
elseif choice == 1 then
elseif choice == 2 then
elseif choice == 3 then
  GiveResource(GetHeroOwner(h), RESOURCE_CRYSTAL, 20);
elseif choice == 4 then
  GiveResource(GetHeroOwner(h), RESOURCE_GOLD, 25000);
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[Script System][Suggestions] SelectionBox(msg, list)
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