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 [Script System][Suggestions] GetCaptain(town) and more

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PostSubject: [Script System][Suggestions] GetCaptain(town) and more   2017-03-15, 05:40

See similar expressions dedicated to the hero for more details.




GrantSpellCaptain(town, spell)

ForgetSpellCaptain(town, spell)


SetSpellpointsCaptain(town, spellpoints)

GetPrimarySkillCaptain(town, skill)

SetPrimarySkillCaptain(town, skill, quantity)

AddPrimarySkillCaptain(town, skill, quantity, duration)

RemovePrimarySkillCaptain(town, skill, quantity, duration)


GetMoraleModifierCaptain(town, name)

AddMoraleModifierCaptain(town, name, duration)

RemoveMoraleModifierCaptain(town, name, duration)


GetLuckModifierCaptain(town, name)

AddLuckModifierCaptain(town, name, duration)

RemoveLuckModifierCaptain(town, name, duration)


SetGuildLevelForCaptain(town, level)

Sets the maximum level of the Mage Guild for which the specified Captain can learn the spells in the specified town.
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[Script System][Suggestions] GetCaptain(town) and more
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