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 [Script System] SetTownOwner(town, owner)

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PostSubject: [Script System] SetTownOwner(town, owner)   2017-03-06, 21:37

Tested with Ironfist version 1.2.1+ (version of December 15, 2016).


SetTownOwner(town, owner)
town: the town to set owner for.
owner: the id of the player.

Makes the specified player own the corresponding town.


With "SetTownOwner", if there are troops in garrison they are removed when the town changes ownership.



"SetTownOwner" enhanced version:

SetTownOwner(town, owner, garrison)
town: the town to set owner for.
owner: the id of the player.
garrison: can be set to "0" or "1".
- "0" if there are troops in garrison, they are removed.
- "1" if there are troops in garrison, they are conserved.

Makes the specified player own the corresponding town, the troops in garrison can be conserved or not.
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PostSubject: Re: [Script System] SetTownOwner(town, owner)   2017-03-13, 07:56

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[Script System] SetTownOwner(town, owner)
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