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 Project Ironfist Scripting Examples Page

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PostSubject: Project Ironfist Scripting Examples Page   2017-03-06, 03:38

Some problems on the Script Examples page:

In the example "Give hero spells and skill at map start", the word "SetSpellpoints" is misspelled.
There is a capital "P" at "points" while it must (?) be written in lowercase: "SetSpellpoints".

Currently "SetSpellpoints" works in the scripts.

Should it be written "SetSpellpoints" or "SetSpellPoints"?


In the example "Build special building when artifact is brought to town", this part of the script does not seem to work:

function OnTownOpen(name)
 if name == "Sorrow's End" then

This is the script of the map "Sorrow's End", and nothing happens when the artifact "Mage's Ring of Power" is brought to the town.
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Project Ironfist Scripting Examples Page   2017-03-13, 07:31

Fixed the first; asked the team to test the second.
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Project Ironfist Scripting Examples Page
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