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 Am I Lost? [Eng] by Andy Gels

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PostSubject: Am I Lost? [Eng] by Andy Gels   2017-02-24, 03:07

Today I put you forth the another nice map, created back in the days by Andy Gels:
Succession Wars Am I Lost? Succession Wars

"Out in the woods on Haart Lake with fifteen rangers and fifteen elves is where you are and the group you have. Well, you didn't take the right trail, it appears. At the trail you would have taken, trees line the shoreline. Well, you notice for a while that trees aren't lining the shoreline. Looks like you're lost. Where could home be? It's in the Haart Forest, but what where my footsteps, you think."

Medium map
3 players - In a fact only 2 players - 1 Human and 1 Computer
Castle win - Capture Frampton Castle
Hero lost - Lose your hero - Charles
Difficulty: Hard
Water: Negligible
Language: English
Story: Yes
Type of map: Strategy/RPG
Spoiler! Minimap:

Download from Behemoth's Lair

My result (level impossible):
Number of days: 86
Final Score: 228
My Hero (level 23):

Review: Nicely done map full of lovely views. There is a story behind this kingdom and our hero, but nothing special. Our enemy is tough, but as we know best, he is the biggest foe of himself Razz Even if he manages to gather an enormous army, he quickly and happily scatters it among his heroes and castles. Because we are granted with additional spell power and mana, we don't have to creep towards our home castle to win immediately, but instead we can run over a whole map and get rid of each enemy Hero, by decimating their divided armies with powerful spells. Of course it's harder, but this way the map is much more enjoyable Wink
PS. It looks like Diplomacy could be very useful in the beginning of the game Wink

Rating: 7,0/10

Well, Roland, it seems I've won our little contest.  But don't worry. Not only have I decided to spare your life, but I am appointing you monarch of the Western Tower.  Perhaps I will come and visit your splendid court, when you are not entertaining important rats and spiders.
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Am I Lost? [Eng] by Andy Gels
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