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 Troll Trails [Eng] by Andy Gels

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PostSubject: Troll Trails [Eng] by Andy Gels   2017-02-22, 10:28

And now, something different: an easy  Twisted Evil , small map for a lazy afternoon:

Succession Wars Troll Trails by Andy Gels! @1999 Succession Wars

"Trolls here, Trolls there, Trolls everywhere! Watch out!"

Small Map
2 players - 1 Human, 1 Computer
Standard win - defeat all your enemies
Time lost - Fail to win by the end of month 3, week 1, day 7.
Difficulty: Expert
Water: Continents, if I can call them like that Razz
Language: English
Story: Yes, a little one Smile
Type of map: Strategy/RPG
Spoiler! Minimap:


My result (Impossible):
Number of days: 38
Final Score: 323

Review: As I mentioned before, map isn't very hard, it just require a bit of planning. We are starting with fully-built castle and a strong army, so all we have to do is to prepare in our own pace for a fight with enemies (they don't move from their catles). They're very strong, so to defeat them all we will need some stronger spells and try not to loose too many units.  The narrated story is short (ends on the day 20) but nicely introduces us into playing. The landscape looks pretty cool.

My rating: 6,5/10

Well, Roland, it seems I've won our little contest.  But don't worry. Not only have I decided to spare your life, but I am appointing you monarch of the Western Tower.  Perhaps I will come and visit your splendid court, when you are not entertaining important rats and spiders.
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Troll Trails [Eng] by Andy Gels
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