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 The "Monster Yotta Pack" aka the "MYP" from the FoE

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PostSubject: Re: The "Monster Yotta Pack" aka the "MYP" from the FoE   2017-03-17, 02:57

WXYZ is ready!


I was having a big problem with LOTR maps. There were 4 maps called War of the Ring Razz I have removed a single letters from their filenames, so now they can be in the same folder. I've also noticed, that some of maps crashes, when their filenames are too long, so I've made them shorter in a few cases.

I've also found another maps. I think that some of them might be new to us Wink


I will take "N" letter now.

Well, Roland, it seems I've won our little contest.  But don't worry. Not only have I decided to spare your life, but I am appointing you monarch of the Western Tower.  Perhaps I will come and visit your splendid court, when you are not entertaining important rats and spiders.
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PostSubject: Re: The "Monster Yotta Pack" aka the "MYP" from the FoE   2017-03-17, 04:08


Thank you, I will watch all this, it will allow me to make a small break with the suggestions for the "PISS" (Project Ironfist Script System). Razz

I slightly modified the starting calc file.
I added "Editor minimap click" to the list of choices in the column "Map crash".
And the value "1" to the list of choices in the columns "Number of players" and "Number of human players".

First post updated. The link to the zip file is located inside the Choose the maps: section.

Hold the ramp!!! Very Happy
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The "Monster Yotta Pack" aka the "MYP" from the FoE
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