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 Minecraft: HoMMII Texture pack!

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PostSubject: Minecraft: HoMMII Texture pack!   2016-09-06, 03:13

I started to play Minecraft 1 month ago, and so I finally started to make my own texture pack with Heroes II images. Smile

It's not changing the whole game and I make updates time to time.

Lands of Enroth v0.4
Added some artefacts as items, grass dirt and path.

Lands of Enroth v0.3
Nether's blocs only.

v0.2 & v0.1 also Nether blocs only, it was less good, so giving the link seems useless. Smile
But mahh if someone request them I may put them..

ps: Yeah I just put the name of my website on the texture pack.. Surprised Maybe I may change the name someday.

~Lands of Enroth~
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Minecraft: HoMMII Texture pack!
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