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"Wait" in HoMM2?
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 Android fheroes2

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PostSubject: Android fheroes2   Android fheroes2 Icon_minitime2016-08-12, 05:24

Recently in Android FHEROES2 BUG play this game a lot but very slow. The forum developer can update this game? Internet source code download.. I come to China's users Very Happy
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Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Android fheroes2   Android fheroes2 Icon_minitime2016-08-12, 16:35

Update is impossible, FreeHeroes2 is no longer developed.

Android fheroes2 L18zg1M
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PostSubject: Re: Android fheroes2   Android fheroes2 Icon_minitime2016-08-18, 05:46

If you tell about battle animation its fixed in last version.
Map movement you can set in options.
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PostSubject: Re: Android fheroes2   Android fheroes2 Icon_minitime

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Android fheroes2
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