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 [Unknown Mod] Tweaks for Scouting Secondary Skill

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PostSubject: [Unknown Mod] Tweaks for Scouting Secondary Skill   2016-04-20, 04:39

Something I would really like to do, is to give some boost to the Scouting Secondary Skill. Smile

Tweaks for Scouting Secondary Skill.

Scouting gives more advanced info (right click) to the hero on map objects located in the hero's viewable area on adventure map.
All the discovered info remain visible for the rest of the game (or the entire week, ex: Water Wheel, etc.) when it's possible (as if the hero had physically visited the map objects), even if they are no longer located in the hero's viewable area (ex: Witch's Hut, Shrine, Daemon Cave, Tree of Knowledge, etc.).


Basic level:

Pile of resource (ore, gem, wood, ect.): resource quantity.

Campfire: gold and resource quantity.

Treasure Chest: xp, gold, which artefact.

Sea Chest: gold, which artefact.

Flotsam: nothing, wood quantity.

Shrine of the First Circle: spell.

Wandering creatures level 1 to 2: number of creatures, if they will join.

Artesian Spring: if already visited.

Oracle: distance consultation.

Sign: distance consultation.

Bottle: distance consultation.


Advanced level:

Shipwreck Survivor: which artefact.

Windmill: resource type, already visited.

Magic Garden: 500 Gold, 5 Gems.

Water Wheel: if already visited

Artefact: if guardian and which.

Lean-To, Skeleton (Desert), Wagon: resource quantity, gold, which artefact, if already visited.

Wandering creatures level 3 to 4: number of creatures, if they will join.

Creatures generators level 1 to 3 (Archer's House, etc.): number of creatures.

Witch's Hut: secondary skill.

Shrine of the Second Circle: spell.

Tree of Knowledge: cost (free, 2000 Gold, 10 Gems).


Expert level:

Wandering creatures level 5 to 6: number of creatures, if they will join.

Creatures generators level 4 to 6 (Troll Bridge, etc.): number of creatures.

Ancient Lamp: number of Genies.

Graveyard: which artefact, if already visited.

Daemon Cave: number of gardians, recompense, if already visited.

Shipwreck: number of Ghosts, recompense, if already visited.

Derelict Ship: number of Skeletons, recompense, if already visited.

Shrine of the Third Circle: spell.

Pyramid: spell, if already visited.

Sphinx: recompense, if already visited.

Jail (POL): full hero info.


Will this be possible?
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[Unknown Mod] Tweaks for Scouting Secondary Skill
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