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 Mods and utilities which work with SWMod

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PostSubject: Mods and utilities which work with SWMod   2016-04-08, 01:50

Some of HDmod options are unavailable with ERA. Thankfully, I've found two mods that can add lacking features. These mods are:

1.Heroes Meeting Screen, Improved Interface.
Igrik (backpack bag + update multiplayer)
JimV (swap troops)
Berserker (special functions for safe delete/equip artifacts)
MoP (redraw screen)
Baratorch (buttons from HD mod)
Valery (buttons, switch equipped artifacts, switch heroes specific slots, switch backpacks)


2. Quick army management
Author: Igrik

Allows swapping troops in a way known from HD mod


I think that we should ask authors, if we can include this mods together with SW mod! I am still looking for "buy-all" mod...

Another very helpfull utility are Obstacle Brushes (I don't know how to translate it, because I've found it only on one polish site). This small tool allows you to paint with only one type of decoration while using an obstacle tool! It works even with HoTA!
Author: Altair


Short instructions:
Extract files to your main heroes 3 folder. After opening brushes.exe you will see such window:

Open your map editor. Check and choose one of obstacles type from the list. Now go to the obstacle tool
and have fun! If you want to get obstacle tool working in a normal way, push this . It's also necessary to check it when you're closing brush tool, if you won't do this, your map generator will generate maps with only one group of obstacles!

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Sir Albe
Sir Albe

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PostSubject: Re: Mods and utilities which work with SWMod   2016-04-08, 02:15

Very nice. I am especially interested in the last mod. It would ease the process of map making or converting H3 maps to H3SW Very Happy
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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Mods and utilities which work with SWMod   2016-04-15, 01:41

Very nice thread. I assume we are to create an "officially compatible" mods list in future, to develop the new concept of portable minimods.

Quote :
I think that we should ask authors, if we can include this mods together with SW mod! I am still looking for "buy-all" mod...
As for me, a thread with a mods list can be fine at least for the start. The minimod concept has a disadvantage - everyone will have his own preferences, and there barely can be a "complete edition".

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PostSubject: Re: Mods and utilities which work with SWMod   2016-04-18, 03:28

I don't see it as a disadvantage. The game you release will be the complete version, you can bundle in the "H3sw team approved mods" in the installer,it will only take megabits, these days it's not much. Or simply add different versions.

a) Clean version ( only your creation, people can add different mods from the list)
b) "complete" version( your game + a big list of incorporated minimods,essentially everything, not curated .) Simply add the option to enable/disable different minimods when you install the game.

you could also add a "hall of fame" basically the best quality mods that you endorse.

However, at the end of the day, this is a really small issue. Depending on how many people decide to make mods and maps you could have a few extra dozen megabytes of data. That's nothing when it comes to bandwidth these days.

Whatever you choose, I hope you will make a point explaining the rules and how it works, how much will you help mod makers, will you incorporate the best stuff into the game? , how will they upload and integrate it? and other stuff...

How did you envision this Orzie?
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PostSubject: Re: Mods and utilities which work with SWMod   

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Mods and utilities which work with SWMod
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