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"Wait" in HoMM2?
 81% [ 44 ]
 19% [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 54
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 "WAIT" in HoMM2: Yes or No?

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"Wait" in HoMM2?
 81% [ 44 ]
 19% [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 54


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PostSubject: Re: "WAIT" in HoMM2: Yes or No?   2016-09-11, 04:23

The described situation with the flying unit, both in Heroes 2 and in Heroes 3, is more an AI programming problem than anything else.
If the AI is smart enough, and moves its troops so that they can reach, in a "cooperative" way, all the hexes on the battlefield, then the problem is solved.

But, it's still true that the "wait" button will only be a supplementary way to abuse the AI.

It would be better the AI moves its troops more smartly.
A simple example, instead of moving 6 hexes during its move (full move), and be attacked by an enemy troop with a move of 4 hexes the same round, the AI can decide to move only 4 hexes, to avoid the enemy attack, and be the first to attack next round.

The "wait" button is not a complete necessity, and I would prefer a smarter AI.

It should also be noted that, the predictive AI is also a great part of the fun during combat, and it's also a way to "use your brain" and win against a superior army. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: "WAIT" in HoMM2: Yes or No?   2016-09-13, 06:24

Its first question. How it will be work with AI. If the same like in HIII all is ok.
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PostSubject: Re: "WAIT" in HoMM2: Yes or No?   2016-12-18, 12:31

All I know for the Wait button is that the computers in Heroes 2 can not use it properly. So Wait buton can be used only during multiplayer. Also the Wait button will stop very interesting battles during siege combat, both singleplayer or multiplayer. It will be similar to a cheat. I not need one more cheat, So I do not want Wait button.
               For the Project Ironfist, It will be good if players may choose in the menu with the map and the starting race, the options that  the Project adds like Heroes 3 WOG.
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"WAIT" in HoMM2: Yes or No?
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