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 [RP] The Ambushed Adventurer

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PostSubject: [RP] The Ambushed Adventurer   2016-02-29, 03:50

Welcome traveler! Please, step closer as i see you are vary of a long road through mud and mountains. As Castle Ironfist is a good halfadays from here, you might as well seek refuge of the creatures of the night for now. See, here is one fine establishment for traders and sellswords alike, whom are busy with their life. Enter this cosy hall with a vast supply of bewerages of all kind, acquired from the North and the East, only to satisfy your taste. Follow me!

As you can see we are aware of all kind of risks, especially of half-ogren guests, so these swinging doors had been applied on purpose of safety.
Let me introduce you the owner of this tavern, Charlie, whoms greatest talent, brewing is only majored by his attitude problems. Still, his words of wisdom might be of worth to hear out. You can never know, what events he recollects from his adventuring days, or when he was a mercenary leader and fought under the flag of Lord Slayer.

In the main area you can find tables to sit by, and at the hearth there are some comfortable armchairs of the finest fabrics from the Dervish of the South.
The regular guests might not prove to be annoying, as they are only, unscripted and untextured placeholders. Feel free to live out yourself in your worse moments on them. They are cheap and easy to come by.
Upstairs you can find luxurious or even dirty cheap rooms to rent.

Please, take your time!



*Some instructions: The Ambushed Adventurer Tavern is a sandbox like area, where you can feel home, make arrangements, and with your playing character run any kind of banters you feel like to.
Charlie - The Owner of the establishment. Up on your character, you can as well play out Charlie, but only him. Feel free, to improve his characteristics. Very Happy
Please don't put sentences into another player characters mouth, though you can force them into certain situations. (Like kicking in the Swinging Door which results in a Bot flying through the hall into another PC) Killing is unregular. Smile*
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[RP] The Ambushed Adventurer
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