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 New spell Ideas for v0.9

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Registration Date : 2016-01-21
Location : Poland

PostSubject: New spell Ideas for v0.9   2016-01-29, 10:47

Hey there. I've got couple spells for the new revamp of the spells. If it's possible to code, they might be implemented. They might be a challenge to code though. I've got nowhere else to post them, so I do it here regardless whether you do them or not.

Post your ideas too and tell me what you think about them:

--Cloud of Darkness lvl 4 air magic
Creates fog of war around hero on adventure map similar to Cover od Darkness
15 mana
This might be a useful and irritating for opponents spell. Probably won't work against AI.

--Swap lvl 3 water magic
Swaps place of two of your units.
15 mana
It MUST be implemented if it's possible to code. Really fun and useful.

--Immolation lvl 3 fire magic
Sacrifice one of your units and deal damage equal to this creature's health + 25/50/75 + (power x15) in area of effect around the creature.
16 mana
So fun strategically. You could even Immolate 1 unit to deal extra damage around it. Many conditions makes it harder to use.

-- exertion lvl 3 fire magic
friendly creature loses 10% (minimum 1) of troops and makes a free attack (melee only, can't cast on a single unit)
Could be either overpowered or useless. (well balanced would be to use on offensive units sometimes)
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PostSubject: Re: New spell Ideas for v0.9   2016-01-30, 06:24

Cloud of darkness and swap are really interesting. I'm not sure about the other too, but I think these could work well!
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Registration Date : 2015-08-09
Age : 27
Location : Budapest, Hungary

PostSubject: Re: New spell Ideas for v0.9   2019-01-08, 09:31

I was thinking about some other useful spells which are actually counters to existing ones:

Anti-Retaliation lvl 3 earth magic
Cast on friendly units prevents them from being retaliated by enemy troops
costs 9 mana
Helps heroes against creatures who strikes twice or has endless retaliation, best counter against Counter Strike

Reflex lvl 4 air magic
Cast on friendly units makes them block the entire incoming damage by 10% chance
costs 16 mana
Great against units who have high damage, used Bless on them, having double damage like Death Knights etc, but only the best if the user has Expert air magic secondary skill, because the friendly target gets 40% chance to evade attacks.

Revealing Eye lvl 2 water magic
Expand the viewable territory by +1 square and wherever the hero goes for one day on the global map
costs 5 mana
Stacks with Scouting secondary skill and artifacts, but not with Cartographers nor the Lookout Tower of Wizard faction. Counters Cloud of Darkness.

Syphon lvl 5 fire magic
Casts a magical aura on the battlefield renders heroes unable to cast spells during battle
Costs 40 mana
The main purpose of this spell is to deactivate spellcasting from both sides in the battle because those all costs mana. This will be the last spell during the battle, but doesn't dispel anyone's spell which already affecting creatures, in fact allows some creatures to use their special abilities against other creatures including their natural abilities altogether for the reason those doesn't require mana. Not even Dispel helps.

Obscurance lvl 4 water magic
Cast on an enemy unit makes them inaccurate with it's attacks. There's a 20% chance it misses shots or attacks.
Costs 18 mana
The attacked stack won't take any damage at all. This spell can be removed by Precision (if it's a shooter), Dispel or Cure. Precision can be removed by Obscurance spell.
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Location : France

PostSubject: Re: New spell Ideas for v0.9   2019-01-16, 02:08

I always wanted more Adventure spells.

~Lands of Enroth~
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PostSubject: Re: New spell Ideas for v0.9   

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New spell Ideas for v0.9
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