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 Seventh creature for Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Seventh creature for Wizard   2017-02-09, 08:39

I was thinking about gnomes some more and I really don't like them wearing robes. There are already mages wearing robes, druids as well. Why not give them something more unique? I was thinking about an apron first, but then decided that maybe this can be a better option:

- A classical suit with a west (maybe with coat, maybe without)

I think it's really unique for Heroes 2, yet magical enough to fit in. Colour wise, it might be light blue, for example, to fit the Giant's color.

Main idea is to have pocket watch on a chain inside the vest. Idle animation can be checking the time!

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PostSubject: Re: Seventh creature for Wizard   2017-02-09, 09:30

Robes it will be for v0.8, especially due to fact that it has animations already done and working in game, but it might change in next releases depending on what other people and rest of the team will say.

I guess you meant something like that + clock and beard:

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Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: Seventh creature for Wizard   2017-02-09, 17:29

Yet, there is a dwarf on the picture (no offense to Mr. Dinklage, he is awesome). Smile
The trouble with "official-styled" clothes is that they don't fit to the Wizard. It's more fitting to the Vampire archetype.
Yet, the robes are for sure not the best-looking option, so I agree that the concept requires manipulation.

What's fun, dr0n's draft with the Jewish hat is not as bad as it would seem in terms of Wizard background where we had Halflings, Golems and Giants as Jewish mythology assets in the background (still, the Giants are stylized under something more Greek-styled as a link to the Titans). Yet, that hat feels a little racist Very Happy

In case someone cares for my music:
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PostSubject: Re: Seventh creature for Wizard   

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Seventh creature for Wizard
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