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 Virus detected into Ironfist..??

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PostSubject: Virus detected into Ironfist..??   2015-10-25, 18:32

When I download Ironfist on this page : http://ironfi.st/download/
Chrome tell me it's risky.
When I click to install it,
Avast tell me it's Dangerous Virus, and put it in Quarantine.
Sometimes Avast let it install but then he put in Quarantine the ironfist.exe for playing lol
Mahh... So I don't know how to do. :drunken:

ps: is it related?
Sometimes when I click wrong with one of the "AGG extract" ironfist tools it also make it detected as dangerous menace lol...

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PostSubject: Re: Virus detected into Ironfist..??   2015-10-29, 11:23

Ironfist and all its component tools are open source software. Sounds like it's time to get a better anti-virus.
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Virus detected into Ironfist..??
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