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 Viking Class - New might class idea

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Would you like to see Viking class in game?
Yes, I will! It looks really interesting
Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Redbar1158%Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Redbar12
 58% [ 11 ]
No, I won't! It looks just lame
Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Redbar1111%Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Redbar12
 11% [ 2 ]
Maybe, but a different one
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 31% [ 6 ]
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PostSubject: Re: Viking Class - New might class idea   Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Icon_minitime2015-10-24, 05:07

Quote :
I lean for submitting two or three line-ups to the consideration of our colleagues here, in order to make the whole thing more collaborative and consensual. For instance, Uhm seems to be more inclined to this first vision than the one you proposed...
Yes, I agree. Some of my critic might be subjective, though I've tried to avoid it. The line-up is not perfect, I agree. As for additional ones, I am waiting for proposals on creatures/units.
We should have a pool of creatures and units to choose from, then decide how they fit best together. I like combination berserk + werewolf, because it reminds me of TES Bloodmoon and Skyrim. I also like combination white bear + snow queen, because it reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia. As for Yeti, Gremlins and even Valkyire I do not have any particular feelings, but they do seem to fit the game to some extent.
I've also proposed Sabertooth or Behemoths as possible contenders. I am also thinking right now that maybe Will-O'-the-Wisp might make interesting tier 1 creatures, which would fit the game well.
Any other additional ideas are always welcome!

P.S. I've also included your drawing in the first post of the topic and posted it on DF2 forum. Sorry for not doing it earlier, it definitely deserves it.
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PostSubject: Re: Viking Class - New might class idea   Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Icon_minitime2015-11-26, 00:31

In my opinion, snow faction is a very good idea, but I would change some things

1st lvl creature is OK. And yes, they look like Russians Smile .
I would move Northmen to 3rd lvl. In 2nd lvl they would be too weak. For 2nd lvl we can add a shooter (and remove ability to shoot from upg gremlins)
Werewolves to 4rd lvl. Also, I don't see that bears as a normal creature. If we have a bear, why we just can't also add reindeer? For bears I see a different role.
Snow maidens are quite good. Also, snow queen could summon polar bears and the beginning of battle. I see snow queen as a low hp creatures, so they can summon polar bears.
6 lvl is a nice concept. Yetis aren't bad, but also it can be another 'snow giant'.
7 lvl is ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Viking Class - New might class idea   Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Icon_minitime2016-01-04, 13:30

Is an interesting idea but I personally think the creatures and theme must be modified a bit. The Norse idea should be dropped in favour of a more original snow world that would fit Heroes of Might and Magic.

HOMM is more of a fantasy mashup or remix closer to say Tolkien than to real world mythology. Like elves shoot bows, dwarves like axes etc which is not based on actual ancient beliefs but are rather more of a new invention.

In Norse mythology elves didn't shoot bows and are not wise tall and long living . Elves are in fact called ljosalfar (light elves) and live in Alfarheim (fairies world) along with fairies. And dwarves in norse mythology are actually elves called Svartalf (black elf) who live in Svartalfheimr (home of the black elves). Elves were really good at crafting. Norse believed that there are people who live further north and are magical and special. This is an ancient european idea that there is a world above europe that is cold and magical and special.

If you look on the map black elves are black people and light elves are inuit people that they met when travelling across the atlantic when they found Greenland and Iceland etc.

In fact elves are more like santa's elves in Norse mythology which is probably where the idea of Santa + elves coms from. Snorri was the one to see black elves as dwarves but this idea is unique to him alone. There are dwarves in Norse mythology but they are more like mundane craftsmen that craft precious things but are really good at it.

So my suggestion is to modify your castle a bit to include as many unique creatures as possible that fits in the theme of snow and cold.

Nords or norsemen and ice queen are probably most unique and useable and bear too. The other ones pretty shaky .

And honestly I wouldn't make them might i'd make them both might and magic.

Barbarians have a growth of 55% ATK 35% DEF 5% PWR 5% KNW
I'd make these guys 45% 5% 45% 5% making them mostly Attack and Spell power and little defense and knowledge giving them an unique position of both might AND magic .
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PostSubject: Re: Viking Class - New might class idea   Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Icon_minitime2016-01-04, 15:24

Sorry for the double post. I realized I never provided any alternatives. Here are some suggestions and ideas.

1. Hero Name:
I would drop the name Viking. Call them Northman maybe or something else. North is where they live and North is associated with cold.

2. Creatures
I would drop gremlin, wolfman, yeti and valkyrie. Berserker, Bear and Snow Maiden / Ice Queen work perfectly. Someone suggested Jotun. Jotun means giant in old norse. Giants and trolls are pretty much same thing in norse mythology and only after Christianity came about trolls became a separate monster like creature.  So if you want to have a monster like yeti you could use Jotun or Ettin (giant with more than 1 head).

Here are some suggestions

level 1: Warrior / Berserker / Axe Thrower
level 2: Einherjar
level 3: Ice Elf
level 4: Bear
level 5: Snow Maiden / Ice Queen (this reminds me of Yuki Oona [Snow Woman] from Japan which is a lady that puts people to sleep and makes them freeze to death)
level 6: Winterwraith
level 7: Frost Giant

Warrior  =  This is a Viking looking unit that wields an axe in melee combat. The most basic Norseman attack unit. All Warriors that die in combat will automatically return back as Einherjar after the battle is won.

Axe Thrower = A Warrior upgrade that gives Warriors the ability to throw their axes at a range. Axe Throwers also return back as Einherjar.

Berkserker = A third warrior upgrade. Higher damage and attack over a Warrior but a bit lower defense and  no enemy retaliation. Berserker also have the ability to shapeshift into Bear once per combat losing 1 turn.  A stack that shape shifts is not 1:1 unit ratio but is based on other factors so resulting Bears are less than the amount of Berkerker. Berserker unit stack that dies in combat also returns back as Einherjar after the battle iswon. Bears that die in combat will not return back as Einherjar and are lost.

Einherjar =  Warrior , Axe Thrower or Berserker units killed in combat return back as Einherjar at 1:1 ratio automatically after the battle is won. This is similar to Necromancy but only for those units. Einherjar units are very durable for level 2 unit and give +1 morale to the army. Einherjar units lost in combat are forever lost and will never return back. NO DWELLING

Ice Elf = Paler skin white hair white garments version of a regular elf . They fights melee wielding 1 knife or dagger which (similarly to a regular elf) uses it to attack twice.  For example  http://lparchive.org/Realms-of-Arkania-III-Shadows-over-Riva/Update%2001/20-Character11.png

Bear = bears are not permanent unit but rather a shape shifted Berserker. Bears are very tanky unit but much slower than Berserkers. They can be used to defend key areas of the battle screen for example plug holes into broken walls or protect ranged units. NO DWELLING

Winterwraith  = A ghost like unit that looks more like a fallen male king with white beard and golden crown. It can fly

Frost Giant = A blue skin armoured giant with big beard, horned helmet and  and a spiked club or axe.

Other possible units:
Winter Wolf = a big bad wolf for level 6
Nidhogg, Silver Dragon, White Dragon  = another level 7 unit A white and brown dragon related to frost and cold
Jotun, Ettin = another possible level 7 unit

3. Tactic

The Norseman are unique in the sense they are a combination of Necromancer's ability to resurrect except only for level 1 unit (at 1:1 ratio) , Barbarian's offensive power and weak defense and Warlock's spell power and little knowledge.

Noresman only have 5 out of 7 creature dwellings. Eninherjars and Bears are unique creatures only aquired during or after combat. To compensate there are a few upgrades for level 1 dwelling that increases the number of creatures per week making this unit rather important and easy to acquire in vast numbers.

Most of the Norseman units are melee and quite durable in battle while also very strong offensively.

These changes are meant to make this new town unique and much more interesting while fitting in with the whole cold theme. Also the level 1 unit is very unique and strong unit probably the strongest in the game being the backbone of the Norsman army.

What makes them unique is that 2 / 7 creatures are acquired only by fighting making them more pro active fighters. You might want your warriors to die to return as Einherjars much stronger unit or you might want to protect your axemen by shapeshifting stacks of Berserkr into Bears around them.

other ideas
Einherjar is not undead unit but rather a unit that died and went to valhalla and got recruited from valhalla. Another potential way of doing this is all units that die go to valhalla and building valhalla in town you can recruit them back as Einherjar. They have morale and are not classed as undead.

Winterwraith does not have the ability to regenerate like a ghost and is more of a spell caster having the ability to cast random spells on allies or enemies sometimes mass spells . Although it is considered undead having the undead immunities it does not affect the Northman army with -1 morale also it is accepted by Necromancer and does not count as being a different unit.
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PostSubject: Re: Viking Class - New might class idea   Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Icon_minitime2016-04-05, 20:16

Sorry for not posting before guys! Life's so hectic. Anyway, I've been checking out the forum every single week. You're already aware of how devoted I am to this wonderful project. In fact, when HIII SW is done, that would be MY Heroes. Ever.

Besides, I don't wanna "talk" just for the sake of it. On the other hand I enjoy contributing. Well, cut this crap and let's roll:

Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Viking10

Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Viking10 Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Viking11

This is the first attempt/concept of the so called "Northern man", "Viking" or whatever you wanna call it.

I should start drawing a sort of "pool" of creatures, but either watercolours or acrylics take time (about 4 hours per canvas), so you can imagine that I won't be able to do it daily.

trollworkout wrote:

level 3: Ice Elf

Ice Elf! Such a wonderful idea. Laughing  I'll keep that in mind for my next post. As for the rest of your ideas, they sound beautifully to me. I recommend you to start a poll and let the fellowmen decide which is the best combination.

In my view there're only two basic features: 1. Cartoonish-Naive environment. 2. Some sort of Santa-Tolkienish thingy.

The rest is up to you.

I'm not sure whether Nikita has dropped out "his" initiative but I can see some expectation so I'll keep on digging!  Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Viking Class - New might class idea   Viking Class - New might class idea - Page 3 Icon_minitime

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Viking Class - New might class idea
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