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 How to install Project Ironfists?

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PostSubject: How to install Project Ironfists?   2015-09-24, 15:13

Hi,I really wanted to play ironfist mod to see Cyborg/Forge faction and play different faction too,but the game won't run at all.I just give me the error of (0xc000007b) when run ironfists.exe.How to install and play it properly.Please make sure your instruction post are detailed and simple not hinted instruction that make me confused like this example "Run Programs->Project Ironfist->Ironfist"????I don't even know what's that mean and what to do neither.
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Master Modder
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PostSubject: Re: How to install Project Ironfists?   2015-09-24, 16:34

There is no Cyborg faction currently. It's only being developed, as well as the recipe to add new factions to Heroes 2.

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Master Modder
Master Modder

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PostSubject: Re: How to install Project Ironfists?   2015-10-01, 14:25

Hi albertx,

Thanks for the feedback. If Ironfist successfully installed, simply running ironfist.exe should work. If you can provide a screenshot of the error message and the other files and folders in the same directory as ironfist.exe, that would be helpful.

The instruction you complained about refers to the Windows Start Menu. Until your post, I had forgotten that Windows 8 users may have trouble following that instruction. Since I've been unable to get Windows 8 to run on my new computer, I'll have to dig out my old one to update that instruction (unless any Windows 8 users want to help me out here).
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PostSubject: Re: How to install Project Ironfists?   2015-10-03, 08:51


See this thread (2015-09-16, 13:12): http://heroes2.forumactif.com/t296-ironfist-installer-ver-0-8-2-dll-missing-files

Files missing: msvcr120d.dll and msvcp120d.dll

After trying to launch the program just after the execution of the installer (ironfist.exe ver 0.8.3):

After trying to end the turn (ironfist.exe ver 0.8.3)(and with the missing files added):

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PostSubject: Re: How to install Project Ironfists?   

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How to install Project Ironfists?
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