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 [RP] The Book of Enroth

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PostSubject: [RP] The Book of Enroth   2015-08-21, 04:47

...Few can understand, and fewer can acknowledge that their world outlook and their Universe which they got used to, which they defended until the last breath and which has become an unreplaceable part of their lives is just a plane of perception limited by pathetic prejudices. However, there are some, able to look on things from another point of view - declining not, but refreshing their knowledge of Enroth as Universe created by the Ancients. Never we will know if our world is such by design, or by failure, and only the shabby pages of a long gone past can tell something to the seeking, ready to open their minds in front of new and previously undiscovered.

Those who took the true Enrothian history to their hearts, will doubt not, and will possess the Wisdom, and complete their knowledge will be about the true origin of the entire world. Those two renegade Lords - oh, how miserable is the first's fate and how sad is the destiny of the second's kingdom! - who fled from VARN hoping for a better life, did change the turn of events forever, and there is no way back for Enroth, just like no sense in denying the obvious. Yes, we can see those strange faces once being alien for Enroth, with some changing their names and exterior, but how could we know that the Ancients' divine plan had to be that serious? As thousands of other worlds, Enroth is basically a toy in the hands of its creators, and we all are simply playing with them. There is the only one thing that enlightened ones can state for sure - there are no 2 Universes and no 2 world outlooks, but only a pile of sighted in an ocean of blind.

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[RP] The Book of Enroth
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