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 [RP] Tale about Princess, who lost her sleep

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PostSubject: [RP] Tale about Princess, who lost her sleep   2015-08-17, 07:39

Long long ago, maybe even in another world, there was a Kingdom, called Ironfist. It was very beautiful land with a huge castle on the shore — the capital of the country. Here lived royal family: the king, his wife and his daughter, small Princess, who was known for her beauty and kindness.

11 years they lived in happiness, but one day Princess lost her sleep. She spent all nights, tossing and turning, but nothing helped her. Although there were a lot of great wizards and healers in the castle, nobody knew, what was going wrong with her. So after 3 days of debates the great council concluded: the sleep of the Princess was stolen by a dragon, who lived in the big cave in the west — dark place, surrounded by dangerous swamps and gloomy forests.

"Why did they conclude it was a dragon?", would you ask. Long time ago rulers of the country decided to raise the taxes. The best way to do that was to find new foe... or to invent it. Although dragon was known as very friendly creature, they said, he had eaten people, had raped teens and even had tormented children. So the people began to hate him and all of the troubles in the kingdom were easy explained by dragon's evil will. After all even great council and the King himself forget, it was only a trick.

As I said, all the people in the country decided, the Princess sleep was stolen by the dragon, so a big tournament was organized to find a knight, who could rescue it. Dozens of great warriors came in the castle to prove their might and cleverness. After all the right to match the dragon got lord Ozrick, because he won all of duels and was respected for bravery and strength. Although he wanted to visit Princess before this dangerous battle, he started his journey without her blessings, especially kisses, because in that moment she was lying in her tower, tired and sad.

The path was difficult, but after week lord Ozrick found the dragon cave. And when he came in, tremendous creature was... drinking tea from porcelain cup.

— Mighty Goods, what are you doing, beast! - he shouted.

— Nothing uncommon, dear guest, - Dragon gave him polite smile, - would you like to drink something?

— I'm here not to have lunches with you, beast! Return Princess sleep or die!

Although Dragon was very friendly creature, he didn't like aggressive screams of lord Ozrick. So he kicked him over and answered:

— Where are your manners, sir Ozrick? I'm sitting here in loneliness, thinking about philosophical questions, I'm not a thief. Try to blame someone else!

So returned Sir Ozrick empty-handed, lost his sword and ashamed. And when he tried to tell his story, people were only laughing, calling him a coward. New expedition gathered, came to dragon, but the story repeated.

At last enormous army surrounded the dragon's cave. There was so much people, that they could really kill the dragon. When he understood it, he rose to heavens and roared:

— Ok, guys. You think, I've stolen Princess sleep, but you are mistaken. I'll fly to your capital town and find it independently. I hope, after that you'll leave me in peace.

And he flow to the Royal Castle and found Princess Tower. As a polite dragon, he knocked at the door and asked:

— May I see the Princess herself?

When guards saw a dragon, they shouted and went away. Only Princess wasn't frightened, because she was tired to death.

— Yes, dear Dragon, - answered she, - come in, if you aren't too large for this chamber. I lost my sleep and now I'm ready to die, only to have a rest.

— Don't be so pessimistic, Princess, - Dragon smiled, - may be it's here. Did you look under your bed?

— No, because all people were saying, you've stolen it! Wait a moment...

Having said that, she looked under her bad, and then fell asleep. So the Dragon was justified. And the Kigdom Ironfist needed to find new foe, because Princess and Dragon became dear friends.
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[RP] Tale about Princess, who lost her sleep
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