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 Alternative Smilies (Currently in Development)

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Master Modder

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PostSubject: Alternative Smilies (Currently in Development)   2015-08-03, 07:38

With the further development of the forum design, we are to present the new category of smilies: "Heroes 2".
These smilies are not of the common forum size so they must be used carefully, but they add a lot to the chat atmosphere.

Currently, there are the following smilies added for the common use (their graphics may be updated in future):

Rock! Horns Up Barbarian

lol Laughing Carlawn
Sad Sad Kastore
Happy Smiling Arie
Idea! Falagar struck by an Idea

What we plan to add is a lot more H2 faces with various emotions and additional emoticons made from the hero battle forms.
You can leave your ideas here! Smile

The next smilies I wanted to add:

- Facepalming Ambrose
- Puking Ector
- Enraged Yog
- Crazy Antoine

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PostSubject: Re: Alternative Smilies (Currently in Development)   2015-08-03, 08:01

Nice! Smile

Gem who does a "smack". Very Happy (and after smack, she turns a little red face.. :p)

~Lands of Enroth~
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PostSubject: Re: Alternative Smilies (Currently in Development)   2015-08-15, 13:15

Hah, I think seeing Sandro smiling cheerfully would be an amazing sight. An angry Astral with grit teeth would be pretty cool too.

P.S. I really like the inspired Falagar. His expression is definitely my favorite.
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PostSubject: Re: Alternative Smilies (Currently in Development)   

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Alternative Smilies (Currently in Development)
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