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 Miss Enroth - your personal female character top!

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PostSubject: Miss Enroth - your personal female character top!   2015-07-29, 19:14

Let's discuss the hottest Enrothian babes through the series, preferably Heroes 1-2!
My personal top is listed below. I was so obsessed with Carlawn back in the day so that I started making a full-height HD fan art of her. Coming soon  Positive moral
I even thought to devise a family name for her, something Celtic due to the phonetics of her name and general Celtic/English concept of the Sorceress faction with all those druids and unicorns.

I must note that H2 style (as well as H1 style) doesn't intend 100% beauties because it's kinda specific, but we all are not lacking imagination  lol

1. Carlawn

2. Jacklyn

3. Sister Elisa (well, without the visible face traits the imagination works better!)

4. Becky

5. Gwen (I could not resist and fixed her face a bit for H3SW so she will be more pretty there)

6. Myrini

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Enroth - your personal female character top!   2015-08-29, 12:32

Hmmmm.... In a non-infatuated way, I've always thought that Gem and Ruby were the prettiest, with the former being my favorite hero due to her beauty. I thought Rebecca was pretty, as long as I could look past her old-aged thumbnail on the adventure screen.
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Miss Enroth - your personal female character top!
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