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 Game Crashes after Ending Turn

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PostSubject: Game Crashes after Ending Turn   2015-07-21, 06:55

I was ending a turn and the game immediately crashed. When I tried to load an autosave I got a message saying "Out of Memory!". When I started a new game, everything worked, but I don't know the likelihood of it happening again.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Crashes after Ending Turn   2015-07-21, 06:55

This is one of the more alarming reports I've heard in a while.

Did the out-of-memory happen every time you loaded the autosave? If you still have the autosave, that would be extremely helpful.

How long had you been playing when the crash happened?
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PostSubject: Re: Game Crashes after Ending Turn   2015-07-21, 06:55

No I don't. I started a new game to see if it would happen again, which cleared the autosave. It worked fine, and so far haven't been able to recreate the crash. If it happens to me again, I'll show you. I only tried it twice, but it failed both times so I assumed the file was corrupted. I was only on about day 2 or 3 when it happened. I think it also crashed one time when I was in the middle of combat, but I haven't seen that one again.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Crashes after Ending Turn   2015-07-21, 06:56

Yep, sounds like it somehow output an invalid savegame. Having that file would have really helped.

BTW, savegames are in a partially human-readable format, so, in addition to finding the problem, I may have also been able to repair the file.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Crashes after Ending Turn   

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Game Crashes after Ending Turn
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