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 Game crashes on Sorrow's End

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PostSubject: Game crashes on Sorrow's End   2015-07-21, 06:50

Everything works until I try to battle something, it crashes with this error https://2img.net/h/s18.postimg.cc/s53ik7xu1/Screenshot_78.png

please help I have been waiting to mod this game for a long time. Oh and I am using the Gog Gold version on windows 8 if that helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Game crashes on Sorrow's End   2015-07-21, 06:51

That means you've somehow downloaded a version that has the experimental version of the Cyborg, but not the graphics for it. Probably because I somehow released a broken version. I will look into this first thing tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Game crashes on Sorrow's End   2015-07-21, 06:52

Ok sounds great, thanks so much.
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PostSubject: Re: Game crashes on Sorrow's End   

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Game crashes on Sorrow's End
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